Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

O yeah I look up to the sky and I give thanks, yes I give thanks.

Hang on to the world as its spins around, just don’t let the spin get you down things are moving fast hold on tight.

Keep yourself respect your very pride get yourself in gear keep your stride, never mind your fears brighter days will soon be hear.

Take it from me someday we will all be free..

 Keep on walking tall hold your head up high lay your dreams right up to the sky, sing your greatest song and you’ll keep going going on.

Take it from me someday will all be free. Just wait and see.

Foreverdreams will be.

 Life Soars When you start Dreaming...

Hope surrounds when you start believing...

Love Blooms when you start caring...


Warm up your


Heart... Mind and Soul


For a Beautiful Life



Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it.

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Positive thinking ,creates a doorway through which Angels,love to walk


Welcome to Foreverdreams.


I would like to bring to you some of my dream hopes and desires to make a beautiful dream happen. For all to love and enjoy....

 Angel Light

Although you may not seen them,                                                                

you are always in there sight.                                                                    

They bring the gift of love and guidance,

Its called the "Angel Light"                                                                       

You know they always hear you,                                                           

to them your voice is dear.                                                      

with the comfort they bring to you                                                                                                                              

So here's a place for (name) to come,

to do with Angels what must be done.

To make our world whole and bright,

and share with all, The "Angel Light"         

Dare to Dream,

Dare to fly,

Dare to be the ever chosen one

To touch the sky..


A feather, a Rainbow, a Coin in your view, are all signs your Angels are standing with you.

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